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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Mystery Solved, well mostly

So my last post was about the mystery of my 2X Great grandmother Charlotte. (here) I couldn't figure out specific details, and other details didn't add up. Like the fact that her "mother" was listed on the 1900 census as only having 2 children, both still alive at the time. Well those were her two daughters from the previous marriage, her first husband died in the Civil War.
Things just weren't adding up. Once I had gotten really frustrated I put it aside and stopped looking. Turns out, a day or so later I noticed that on the 1880 census there was a "Lottie Nash" listed as a boarder in the home of these parents. I'm not sure why it didn't occur to me that Lottie was a nickname for Charlotte. There was also another young girl also listed as a boarder Minnie Wingate, and once I tracked her down I found Charlotte's parent's Find A Grave memorials linked to her as her adoptive parents. F.a.G. NOW this makes much more sense.
Now I understand how her "mother" could have only bore two children that were both alive, yet here is a third and even fourth child they raised. I do not know the specifics yet of Charlotte's biological parents. I have looked into it, but I am not finding any sort of adoption papers for either girl, but the years that would've occurred are not currently on Ancestry or Familysearch. Maybe a visit to the courthouse in Huntingdon is in order the next time I take a trip to Pennsylvania.
There were several Nash's in the Huntingdon area, but I am not sure if the parents passed away, or if, as it was common at that time, the children were removed due to the parents inability to care for them; or they may have even owed the state money. I would assume that her parents did pass away, or at least she never had a relationship at all with her biological parents as they are never mentioned on any of her records.

So now at least that mystery is solved, only to create a whole new one.

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